A Day Made for Comfort Food

Today was a grey and rainy day. The kind that makes you just want to stay in your nice warm bed and watch tv or read a book. Of course I can’t do stuff like that because I need to earn money to pay my electricity bill so I can watch tv or the money to buy the books I read.

Unfortunately for me, though, I thought I hit my snooze button but accidentally turned off the alarm instead. I overslept, only waking up an hour and a half later when somebody from work called to find out where I was. You know that expression, “When it rains, it pours?” Yeah, that was my day. One crappy thing rolled into another and I just couldn’t shake that bad luck all morning. I ran around like a crazy person to get ready in record time, only to step in a huge puddle the second I ran out the door. I had to run back inside and change my shoes, socks, and pants before I could finally leave for work.

I arrived to work late and dripping wet. Not my best look, and needless to say my boss wasn’t impressed with me. I told myself to shake it off. I kept my head down and worked hard until it was time for break. It was tough. I felt like the universe was really trying to fight me on it. Especially since the weather continued to be bad, which translated to really crabby customers. When the customers are pissy, the staff gets pissy, and then everybody’s taking it out on each other. So it was not a great place to work today.

At lunch, all I could think of was eating some comfort food. Maybe you think of ice cream, mashed potatoes and gravy, or some mac and cheese when I say comfort food. But for me, I think of miso soup and rice. Is there anything better than a bowl of soup on a cold and rainy day? And miso soup is the best. Smells good, tastes good. It makes me so happy, and it definitely lifted my dark cloud for the rest of my shift.

When I left work, it was still freakin raining! Ugh! I came home and decided to make myself another comfort food I’ve been craving for dinner. My mom used to make us breakfast for dinner sometimes, and this is my version—okonomiyaki. If you’ve never had one, it’s basically a pancake, ‘grilled as you like it’ (which is what okonomiyaki translates to).

I have a fairly simple Osaka style batter recipe that uses flour, dashi, cabbage, and pork belly that I follow. I poured it into a skillet and cooked it until it browned on both sides. I have been known to put an egg on it, add bacon, douse it in BBQ sauce, or any number of other things to it. I like things that you can customize and make all different ways.

Allright, I give up on today and I am going to bed. Night (unless I forget and don’t post this until tomorrow, in which case, hope you’re having a good day)!