Dinner Party

Are you a nonsmoker who has to deal with the consequences of this vice? I am not here to judge smokers in today’s blog, but it is about being practical. Plain and simple, how do you handle smokers in your car after the fact. Recently, I had this problem. I went to a dinner party at a friend’s and ended up being the designated driver for a few friends. We take turns so that most of us can enjoy a few drinks. One friend had another friend tag along. The moral of the story is that while my friends don’t smoke, this person did. As far as my smoke-filled interior goes, he was the culprit. I didn’t really realize it before it was too late. I was surprised, since I rarely encounter this situation. Alas, I had to get rid of that darned stale smell.

It isn’t an easy task by the way. It lingers for a time and eventually seeps into the seat fabric and the floor rugs.  A very nice party cost me a lot of time and aggravation. Just opening the windows didn’t do the job. I sprayed with some kind of lemon scent I found in a store and it made me gag. It was strong enough to mask the odor but so sweet that it was sickening. I didn’t even want to try the cherry or rose flavor. It is just a way to layer one bad smell over another. I moved on.

Next, I tried a laundry deodorizing product and it, too, had a heavy scent. Now I was mingling too many things and the combination was worse than the smoke alone. This was a big mistake. On the other hand, I could barely stand to get in the car. Nonsmokers all face this in the face of alien odors. We aren’t used to them and haven ‘t be desensitized like smokers. While I said I wasn’t going to judge, by now it sure sounds like it.

I had one last chance to air out my car. I looked up how to get rid of smoke smell in car, hoping desperately for an answer that would make my car smell better. I found some home recipes plus some products to help too. This way you can control the amount of the scent you wish to use. The recipes included essential oils that are soft and fragrant like lavender, orange, or eucalyptus. You dilute them considerably (being very careful not to come into contact with the oil). With a few other ingredients, voila, you have air freshener at little cost. It keeps for a while if stored in a dark place. You can buy special glass spray vials with tight lids. The product of your labor can be shared with friends who are in the same boat as you are.

After I told everyone about my little project and that I had found success, we all got into selecting some new scents. One person likes cinnamon and vanilla while another goes for pine and peach. Most love “new car.” It is the number one choice of do-it-yourselfers.