Great Night

A friend just got a rectangular trampoline. At first, I thought how odd. Why not get the regular kind? After all, they have been around forever and they are still super popular. Now, if you want a larger model and chose to surround it with a normal chain link fence, you can. Some people say these models are safer because they give kids, those most prone to accidents, more room. Plus, you can double bounce with a partner and each person can have their own space. I get the point but I had to try it out for myself to see what all the fuss is about.

I went to see the real thing which had been strategically placed in the yard. He had moved it to a central location since a couple of friends were coming over and we wanted maximum access. It looked like a round trampoline except that it is rectangular – just like this: Simple as that! Seeing it fulfill its function so well, I wondered why they hadn’t invented this sooner.  I don’t think the shape affects buoyancy. However, I suspect that athletes can perform better on one or the other type. It may seem unfair to some that the rules have changed along with the format. I say go with the flow. I am an easy-going guy.

For our purposes, we just wanted to have fun and burn a few calories. People have small trampolines in their homes to keep fit, so we decided to follow suit in the backyard. It was easy to take breaks lying on the soft grass. If we stuck to it for a while, we agreed that we would go out for our favorite Japanese food. Somehow a vote was taken in the middle of the jumkping and we opted for a minimum of one hour for best benefit. I don’t know how many calories you burn compared to walking, jogging, playing basketball, or dancing. I guess that it is not very high up the scale, but I did break a good sweat.

We all took a dip in the pool to cool off and changed for the restaurant. It was in walking distance, so more exercise that day. It was a good thing since we ordered practically everything on the menu. My friend said who cares since Japanese food is so healthy. It is all in how many calories you consume. If most of them are rice, then you will gain weight. We like shabu shabu with the best Kobe beef and fresh vegetables. Glass noodles rounds out this special dish where you can cook your meat to perfection as you wish. When you are in a group, it is great fun. It made the culinary experience more special and we stayed for hours, sipping Japanese beer and hot jasmine tea.

All in all it was one of the best days I have had with my friends. The combination of the trampoline and food was divine.