We’ve Got Sushi, It’s a Party!

My world is a bit traditional. My friends and I love to celebrate each and every birthday. It is a major part of life and no one gets overlooked. We try to come up with new places to meet and consider the taste of the person having the milestone. This takes us to all kinds of novelty restaurants and a host of ethnic cuisine. We are adventurous and go with the flow. I, personally, will try anything although as the blog name clearly indicates, I love Japanese food the best. Give me teriyaki steak, yakitori chicken, miso soup, grilled octopus, California and spicy tuna rolls, and all the rest. Shabu shabu is a popular favorite but we have been so often that we had to make another choice. I crave the fresh vegetables and thin slices of Kobe beef dipped in boiling water to cook and then topped off with succulent sauces.

The venue of the day for this birthday is going to be the very best exotic sushi. This time, the five of us will fit at the counter in front of the sushi chef. As we watch what he concocts for other diners, we will order in the same vein. It gives us new ideas as we are wont to order the same things all the time. Now we need a new adventure and some special fish combinations. We are excited. We’ve got sushi and now it is a party!

The conversation starts with the birthday person and hovers around favorite foods. We go down the line and tell about our most recent best experience. We pick one of the restaurants for our next group meeting. If it is to celebrate a birthday, the honoree must be in agreement. He usually is. The topic of discussion moved on at this party because the TV was on and tuned into an important world soccer event. We all like the sport and were staring at the screen. We discussed the various teams from the top contending countries and the most recent wins. We made predictions as to the score.

The day was intense as we liked to get into the act while watching. We cheered our favorite team, yelling with a frequent “bravo.” I was taken with the soccer ball for some reason and suddenly wanted to know what brand it was. The other attendees all had opinions as to the best for professional use, quoting reviews and sources from publications like Top Corner Mag. Features and benefits were enumerated related to lightness of touch and performance. We talked about the materials and how long a typical ball lasts.

Finally, we got to price. There is a big difference between ordinary training balls, those used in schools, and real competition at the world class level.  Some of us play soccer, but I am mostly a spectator so it was all new to me. I listened intently and turned my attention to the cleat shoes. This started a new direction going and it lasted for hours.